About Leanne

My name is Leanne Joyce and I am 16-years-old. In September 2010, I was at Duke Children’s Hospital waiting for test results for my congenital heart problem. Two teenage hospital volunteers came up to me and the other children who were waiting to be seen. They offered each of us a gift suited for our age and gender that were on a cart they were pushing through the hospital. I was so happy to receive this gift that distracted me from my anxiety. This made me realize that people care and that I wanted to give back. While at my appointment I decided that I wanted to refocus my fundraising and raise money to benefit hospitalized children. I asked a supermarket about having a bake sale and was told that they only allow non-profits to sell items there. I wondered what I had to do to start a non-profit. I began my research and on 11-30-2011, with help from my parents, I formed a non-profit called Positive Impact for Kids. My goal as President is to raise significant funds and awareness in order to improve the lives of children and adolescents being treated in hospitals. I hope to raise funds to provide children’s hospitals with iPads (to be used while inpatient) and other items from hospitals’ wish lists so the children and families they work with will know others care. My goal is to decrease the hospitalized children’s pain and anxiety while increasing their self-esteem.

In September 2011, I went to my yearly cardiology appointment and learned that it was no longer safe for me to compete in jump rope. I was a competitive swimmer, gymnast and a nationally ranked jump roper. I practiced jump rope with my team 3 days a week for the past 4 years and now had to suddenly stop. Jump rope and my jump rope team was a tremendous part of my life and my identity. I immediately decided I needed to look ahead at what I could do and not focus on what I could no longer do. I made the decision to focus my extra time on my philanthropy goals and my grades (which were already straight A’s). One of my goals is to raise $100,000 by my high school graduation in 2018. So far I have raised over $30,000. Thank you for taking the time to visit my web site and learn about my goals for Positive Impact for Kids.